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Learn to Play


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Learn To Play (LTP) is designed to introduce children to the sport of hockey while developing skating, puck handling (such as passing, receiving, and shooting), and team skills. There is also an emphasis on learning about hockey and having fun in a team-oriented environment. This program is for all players ages 4-8 (as of Dec. 31) with no previous hockey experience. We ask that LTP players have enough skating ability to balance on their skates and move forward on the ice without assistance.  The on-ice sessions will feature an active clinic-style approach with lots of hands-on coaching and instruction.  The program is designed so that the youngest players (for instance, those starting at age 4 and 5) can spend a second season in LTP before moving up to the Y8U program.


Pre-season Skate with BRUINS LEARN TO PLAY!
2020 Dates coming soon!

WYH LTP 2020-21 

Dates: November 28, 2020 to February 6, 2021
Times: Saturdays/Sundays at 8:00am
Fee: FREE!
Please note, some days during vacation/holiday times may shift, always check calendar for up to date information!


Pre-season: Union Arena is once again SO excited to host the Bruins Learn to Play Program!  More information and special registration link below as soon as it opens. For a registration fee of $140, this program includes a full free set of CCM equipment to keep valued at $500 retail, which includes skates, a professional personalized fitting, and four weeks of on-ice instruction led by certified coaches. The Boston Bruins are thrilled to share their passion for hockey with the next generation of hockey players.


For the 2020-2021 Season: Come Saturdays, Sundays or both - the choice is yours! Each player will receive a USA Hockey team jersey. In addition to these fees, all players must be registered with USA Hockey before skating in any program. This annual registration fee is nominal and waived by USA Hockey for players aged 6 and under.  


Hockey Equipment for Learn To Play Skaters

Hockey gear is sometimes a big question for new parents. Call anytime if you have any questions. 
Following is a list of required equipment for participation in the Learn To Play program:
Hockey helmet & Cage
Hockey skates (figure skates are not permitted)
Elbow pads and shin guards  (shoulder pads are reccomended)
Hockey gloves
Hockey pants

Hockey socks (or sweat pants are fine)
Athletic supporter with cup for the boys
Hockey stick -Straight blade is best --to start -Stick should be cut so it is NO higher than the player's nose when wearing shoes.  Tape blade and put a small knob at the top of the shaft. 

CURVED STICK: Many players are ready to make this move early.  Players should be encouraged to put their DOMINANT hand at the top of the stick.  Meaning... Right-Handed kids will use a "lefty" stick.  It is called a LEFT Curve because when the player holds it with their right hand on the top, the stick is to their LEFT SIDE.  The TOP HAND is the control, and the bottom hand is just strength and power.  Much of the time a player only has one hand on their stick, and for stick-handling, it is the TOP hand that does all the work, so it is important to (generally) put the better hand at the top.  Therefore, many players are ready to make this move early on. 

Need help dressing your player? Check out this helpful video!

Please put your child’s name on all of their gear, including hockey sticks. 

Union Arena has items for purchase - limited sizes available but a great place to start.  Stateline Sports in West Lebanon is a local, and bigger source for new hockey gear.  They offer “learn to play” equipment packages that are an easy way to get the equipment needed.  Also, many families in the area have (lightly) used gear that their children have outgrown so take advantage of your time at the rink to network with other hockey families.